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Homeschool Resource Guide: Homeschool Laws

Resources for Harnett County homeschooling families to aid them in their educational journey

NC sites

The NCDNPE website provides North Carolinians with in-depth information and all of the legal requirements, standardized testing, and student driving. It also provides all of the necessary forms homeschoolers must submit for record keeping, as well as homeschool resources and statistics. As of 2017, the site also provides a portal for homeschool families to access their records online. 


The North Carolinians for Home Education is a group that works to protect the rights of North Carolinians to homeschool. They watch for legislation that could impact their rights and provide resources to aid home educators. Their website provides a wealth of information including getting starting in homeschooling, history and laws, curriculum, and testing services. The NCHE group also hosts an annual homeschooling conference as well as a graduation ceremony. 

Homeschool Requirements

Ready to homeschool? 

Get to know the laws and requirements set forth by the state of NC before you get started!

NC Law

A homeschool, as defined by NC law, is any non-public school consisting of children from no more than two families or household where the parents/guardians of either household determines the educative content and the order of academic instruction that should be taught to their students. 

  • Parents and guardians must also hold a high school diploma or its equivalent in order to homeschool their children. 
  • Families will need to decide a homeschool name and who will be the Chief Administrator of the school
  • Parents will also need to decide whether to file the school as a religious or non-religious school.

In order to legally operate a homeschool, the NCDNPE (North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education) must receive a Notice of Intent to begin a homeschool or make any subsequent changes such as termination. Homeschool families can also expect to be annually inspected by the NCDNPE for student attendance records and standardized testing results.

*Please Note* Parents should not withdraw students from their current schools before they have received written acknowledgement from the NCDNPE that their Notice of Intent was received. 

For more details on homeschool operation, please consult the Homeschool Requirements & Recommendations on the NCDNPE website. 

Helpful Links

NC Homeschool Laws

Provides a copy to the homeschool laws set forth by the state of North Carolina for those parents interested in reading exactly what each law states.

Homeschool FAQs

Specific to NC, this webpage answers the frequently asked questions on multiple homeschool topics including school registration, academic records, graduation, testing, and much more.

Provides information to support homeschooling families including curriculum choices, numerous resources guides by subject, and relevant articles.

Homeschool Legal Defense Association

Concerned about the legalities of homeschool? The Homeschool Legal Defense Association is a non-profit association dedicated to advocating and providing legal defense for homeschoolers. Their website provides numerous resources for homeschooling families including resources for teaching, a breakdown of homeschool laws for each state, and relevant homeschool news headlines from around the world.